Learning About the Past

Have you ever wondered  what it was like at school  300 years ago?  We did.  Our class read about how people who came across the ocean in large ships from places like: Germany, Ireland, England, Scotland and Japan.


Where might some of these pioneers have travelled from?

 We also learned about pioneer’s food, clothing, shelter, and chores and compared them to our life today.  We discovered that children had chores like:  making butter in a churn, collecting nuts to feed the pigs, collecting rocks for their fireplace, helping harvest the vegetables and fruit and helping plant the garden.  We decided their chores were a lot harder than ours!

Pioneer children had oatmeal and nuts for breakfast.  They ate food that they made themselves or grew in a garden.  Today we buy most of our food from the store.

The pioneers had to cut their own trees to built log cabins.  They used mud and moss to fill the cracks to keep wind and rain out.  They did not have drywall and plywood like we do today.

As a cumulative activity, we had Pioneer Day in our classroom. 051Do you recognize any of these students?

 Our Pioneer Day started with our desks having been put in rows.  The smartboard was not on and we had a message on the front board.  We had chalk and chalkboards on our desks.  We did our spelling quiz on our chalkboards.


We shared our stories about pioneers with our little buddies.  Before recess we started making bread.  We had to mix it then we kneaded it and put it in a warm oven to rise.  After an hour it had risen to twice its original size! While it was baking, we made our own butter.  First we put cream in a small jar, then we shook it for about 15 minutes until it transformed into a yellow ball, BUTTER! Lastly, we drained off any excess cream from our jar.  When the bread came out of the oven, we spread our butter onto it and ate it.  It was delicious!  In the afternoon, we used a hammer and nail on a tin foil plate to make pictures.


We had lots of fun.  Would you like to try some of these activities?  Which ones?

Two Thumbs Up for Visiting!


Welcome to the brand new blog of Mrs. Green’s Grade 3.  Two Thumbs Up for visiting!  We had an exciting start to our year.  In Science, we have been learning about Structures.  We performed a number of experiments to determine what shapes and materials would make good structures.  We learned about posts and beams and how they helped make a building more stable.  After investigating different ways to join different materials, we were given two challenges.  The first was to work in groups of three or four and design and construct a model skyscraper using newspaper posts and beams that we were able to make at home the night before.  We were given an hour and a half to construct our models. And the real test…..was to see how  heavy of a load our skyscraper could withhold.  Which skyscraper do you think won?Our second challenge was to design and build a model bridge with a partner.  Our partners were chosen based on the common interest of type of bridge each student wanted to create.  After looking at many examples of different bridges, we set to work designing our models and making  a list of all the supplies we needed for building. 

We made Truss bridges, Beam bridges and one group made a suspension bridge!

We made Truss bridges, Beam bridges and one group made a suspension bridge!

 Some of us were surprised how difficult it was to follow our designs.  The challenge again was to be able to hold a load of a minimum off 2 toy cars and 10 marbles.  As well, the bridge needed to have a span of 30 cm and be supported on either end of either two desks or a stack of Math textbooks.  Here are a few pictures of the final models. 


 We had a great time presenting our bridges.  Who’s do you think met the challenge?